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Why Breathable Tunnels?

Everyone who wears a Tunnel piercing knows that within few days a very bad odor develops directly at the piercing site.

We want to give you a short description of why this happens:
Our skin constantly produces fat and sebum as the skin renews itself. The skin’s own bacteria, germs, and perspiration settles on the piercing ornaments – your Tunnel. When it comes into contact with water – when you take a shower for example – a nasty smell is produced. Very often it smells like butyric acid.

All this happens because the skin is in full contact with the material. This means that no air circulation, which would stop the odor producing process, is possible – at least for the Tunnel piercings which are currently on the market. This is where OUR INNOVATION comes in!

We have re-designed the Tunnel!

We allow the Tunnel „to breathe“. This makes it comparable with the original natural materials that were first used for piercing. Water and air can now circulate across the fine bores which we have added.

Our new tunnel is the first BREATHABLE TUNNEL.

We have also increased the length of time you can wear your Tunnel without removing it for cleansing from two – three days to up to four weeks!

You have a large choice of breathable Tunnels in our shop!